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Jesus sandals – a 2000 years old pair of slides that’s always fashionable

Jesus sandals - a 2000 years old pair of slides that’s always fashionable

As we have just welcomed summer, the dearest of the seasons for many people, it’s time to talk about Jesus sandals. The number one choice when it comes to summer shoes for so many people. Are Jesus sandals comfortable? Undoubtedly, yes. Are they a classic choice? Yes, they are.

To whoever is reading this article right now one thing is sure. You will definitely be intrigued to look up for a pair of Jesus sandals in our website .

What are the Jesus sandals?

Jesus sandals are the most discreet sandals. They distinguish due to their minimalistic design. A pair of such sandals stands out with its clean cut lines. Clearly as you would understand by the name, the shoes are inspired by the outfits worn during the time of Jesus. That’s more than 2000 years ago.

Jesus sandals - a 2000 years old pair of slides that’s always fashionable

The structure is extremely simple, yet its comfort is incomparable. The first day when someone decides to wear these sandals means that summer is finally here. This is the beginning of the carefree feeling of the holidays. We know that you’ve been waiting all year long for this.

As it was mention vividly before, the key to this type of sandals is their absolute simple design. The sandal consists of two parts only: a wide stitched band wrapping the upper instep and a stitched toe ring to help keeping the foot steady. They may sound modest but their fashionable twist makes them irresistible to the consumers who are into fashion.

How should I wear these sandals?

As sandals are the ultimate summer trend, there are so many ways to match them with almost every outfit you could possibly imagine. We know how much ladies love wearing maxi flowing dresses during the summer. It will be a twist to choose to wear them with a pair of Jesus sandals. Suck a look can be worn all day long, it is comfy and cool. An outfit like that would be the ideal choice for a sunny summer day strolling around an island. Just imagine the most instagrammable outfit in an idyllic background. We are full on board with that idea. Do you need more inspiration? Choose your favorite denim shorts with a nice linen blouse and a pair of nude or even pink or red coloured sandals. You are ready for a brunch or a beach party.

And now let’s talk about the men’s style. Jesus sandals are ideal for men as well. You can match them with your favorite bermuda shorts. Either you like denim, cargo style or semi formal, a pair of Jesus sandals is the best way to highlight your outfit every single time. Another summer favorite look is the linen long trousers. They are always in style and the number one choice for a cool summer night. Don’t hesitate to wear the Jesus sandals with such trousers as well.

What makes a pair of Jesus sandals from Pagonis Greek Sandals stand out?

Jesus sandals - a 2000 years old pair of slides that’s always fashionable

Jesus sandals are one of the top sellers of our brand. Not long after they were first launched, our customers loved them. Just like every other Pagonis Sandal, the Jesus sandals are handcrafted in our family workshop in Naxos. Every shoe that is made here is made with love. We use traditional techniques and the finest raw materials. We are determined to manufacture shoes that are friendly to your feet. They are made of soft leather and a stitched sole with rubber ending that provides better traction on any surface. You can find them for both men and women in 14 different colors. We successfully combine comfort with style and versatility. You can check them out here.

We would love to welcome you to the Pagonis Family!