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Pagonis Leather Sandals for Kids are handmade by skilled craftsmen of the Pagonis Family. At Pagonis, we have been handcrafting and delivering high quality Greek Sandals for over 80 years. Using only the finest materials,  high-quality leather and traditional techniques, each pair of leather sandal is made and delivered to the highest standards with great attention given to detail. 

Pagonis Greek Sandals is a family owned business operating a retail and workshop on the beautiful majestic island of Naxos, Greece. Our customers comes from all over the world and visit us almost yearly to get a new pair of leather sandals made.

Discover all of our Leather Sandals for Kids. We design and create a wide range collection of Handmade Leather Sandals. Our selection includes gladiator sandals, slides, toe ring sandals, dress sandals, open toe sandals as well as closed toe sandals.

We are passionate about making your child a pair of greek sandals that they will love and you will feel safe to have them in. Our little friends have loved our custom-made concept where our sandals are made to their feet. They have had so much fun selecting their favourite colour and style that suits their personality. We hope to be able to deliver a perfect of kids sandals for your child that they will love to grow up in and continue to love for years to come.