Shoe size conversion chart – UK shoe size in EU

Shoe size conversion chart – UK shoe size in EU

Proper fit is very important for overall foot health and if you want to be able to walk in your shoes. You might go for a number or half a number bigger when it comes to winter shoes, in order to wear them comfortably with thick socks. But when it comes to summer shoes, these have to be comfortable yet fitting properly. Otherwise your feet will be slipping back and forth or squashed like sardines and, apart from the uncomfortable walk, those blisters will not take long to appear.

But what if you know your size and want to buy a pair of shoes from an EU online store? How to convert your UK shoe size in EU? That’s very simple! UK sizes are based on centimetre measurements with 0.4cm to 0.5 cm difference each size. EU shoe sizes are measured in centimetres, just like the UK sizes. The number, though, does not correspond directly to the size of the shoe. For example, an EU size 37 will not be 37 centimetres long, but will, in fact, be about 24 centimetres in length. To easily convert an UK shoe size in EU size, simply add 33 to your existing UK size – e.g. a UK size 6 is an EU size 39. In the same way, to convert an EU size to a UK size, just subtract 33 to your EU size.

To help you choose the right shoe size for you, we’ve come up with a UK shoe size conversion chart for EU and USA. We’ve also added the length of each size in inches, centimetres and millimeters. This way you’ll be able to convert any shoe size quickly and easily, just by using the foot length. Measure your foot (find instructions below) and use the chart, in order to figure out easily which size is right for you and convert any UK shoe size in EU and USA.

Women shoe size conversion chart – UK shoe size in EU, US & cm.

Shoe size conversion chart - UK shoe size in EU

Men shoe size conversion chart – UK shoe size in EU, US & cm.

Shoe size conversion chart - UK shoe size in EU

In case you’re not sure about your shoe size or just want to make sure you’ve been taking the right one all these years, check our foot measurement charts after you measure your foot. Follow these simple steps:

  1. Make sure you are standing, wearing socks if you’re going to buy winter shoes.
  2. Place your foot on a sheet of paper.
  3. Mark the circumference.
  4. Measure the longest distance with a ruler.
  5. Look up your size in the chart.

It’s easy to figure out what’s the right shoe size for you and then find the equal to your UK shoe size in EU. But remember that this is a general shoe sizing chart guide, based on international size measuring conventions and our own shoe fitting experience. There might be slight differences and that’s depending on the shoe manufacturer, the country of origin and the style of shoes in general.

Now that you’ve confirmed your shoe size and converted your shoe size, it’s time to choose your next pair of Pagonis Greek Sandals!