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Wedge flatform sandals: your go-to shoes for every occasion

Wedge flatform sandals | Pagonis Greek Sandals

Everyone says that for women shoes are never enough. One woman can have a closet full of pair of shoes and still feels that something is missing. Let’s be honest, who hasn’t wished to have a walk-in closet like Carrie Bradshaw heaving with all sort of shoes in every style or color.

Wedge flatform sandals: the item that should be in your closet

A pair of wedge flatform sandals in your closet really solves many problems. It really means that you are all set for your summer outfits. It’s the type of shoe that matches with every outfit. You can literally wear it all day and all night. You can wear your favorite wedge flatform sandals with skirts, shorts, dresses or trousers. Whatever your personal style might be, these sandals shouldn’t be missing from your closet!

Isn’t it cool when just one pair of sandals can save your day? Wedge flatform sandals are so convenient for holidays. With the suitcase having too little space for your 10 day-holiday trip, all you need is to save up more room. Having just one pair of wedge flatforms is actually what you need.

They are comfortable, they are stylish and they have huge diversity. They are the best option for women who love high heels, yet they need a shoe that is more comfortable. Unlike with the flat sandals like the gladiator sandals, the wedge flatform sandals have a higher sole, giving the person that wears it, a better posture.

Wedge flatform sandals | Pagonis Greek Sandals
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In addition, the diversity of wedge flatforms is another advantage of these shoes. You can find them as slides, sandals or even as gladiator-type sandals. Either way, they will be your favorite shoe for your holidays. You can wear the slides in the morning going to the beach and then choose your sandals for an evening stroll on the island.

So the bottom line is that you don’t need to be an experienced stylist to mix and match the wedge flatform sandals with your clothes. Any piece of clothing you have in your closet will actually look good with a pair of these sandals. With the bonus of adding extra height making your legs look longer. What’s not to love on these shoes?

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It’s hard to choose just one when you come across at all these different designs, types and colors. Our brand is based on the principles that a shoe must give the person stability and elegance. We proudly make sandals that are friendly to your feet. Our soles are made to make the sandals easy to wear all day long without hurting your feet. The wedge flatform sandals are also being manufactured under this idea.