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What is a gladiator sandal?

What is a gladiator sandal

What does a gladiator sandal look like?

You know that you have seen them before. The name “Gladiator Sandal” definitely rings a bell to you. Let us paint a picture for you to find out what does a gladiator sandal look like. A gladiator sandal is a sandal with several wide cross straps holding the sole to the foot. One wide strap around the ankle to keep the foot steady. A stiff sole is attached to the foot by leather cords, straps or braided thongs. These shoes have existed since ancient times when Roman and Greek gladiators wore them through battle.

The Ancient Greek sandal that is always in style

At least once in your life you must have come across a pair of shoes like that. They are extremely famous and widely accepted by the fashion industry. It seems unreal how a single pair of shoes is worn from the antiquity to this day. If you observe the sandals you will notice that it’s actually a simple design. Hard to forget though, and maybe that’s the key to its timeless character. It was worn to the arenas from the gladiators when the shoes gain their name. Who could possible imagine that 2,000 years later supermodels would wear them walking the runway.

Are you up for a small fashion history lesson? This type of sandals is found to Greek Mythology and to ancient Greek statues. Hermes the messenger of the gods was wearing sandals with wings. He had to execute the orders of Zeus on the land and the sea. In the arts, the most famous sandal is featured on the statue of goddess Aphrodite. The goddess of love holds the sandal in her hand while she is trying to protect a boy from God Pan. This statue is located in the National Archaeological Museum.

In the Museum of Acropolis the visitor can also see the sculpture of the Temple of goddess Athena of Nike, who is illustrated while she is putting on her sandal. Last but not least we should mention the Frieze of Parthenon. On the west part of the frieze, Phidias one of the architects of the temple sculpted the figure of a young man who ties up his sandal.

The sandals gained popularity again to the general crowd in the 1960’s. At that time miniskirts were a fashion trend. Then the fashion world had to find a way to accessorize tastefully the women’s leg in order to complete the look of the mini skirt. World famous designers and brands turned their faces to the Gladiator sandals. They saw them as the perfect piece to come along with a skirt. To make them even more modern and diverse, the designers decorated them.

Very quickly the gladiator sandals became the symbol of powerful women. The sandals were affiliated with the Amazon Xena. As she was a strong and independent woman, her sandals became the trademark of feminism and the inner heroine every woman has. The last decades many celebrities have chosen to wear sandals such as Jackie Kennedy, Barbra Streisand and Sofia Loren.

But what made them become so popular? They have simple design, yet they are comfortable and light. You can wear them all day long and with a wide variety of outfits to match them. The flat sandals help the person maintain the correct posture of their body. During a hot summer day a pair of sandals is the best option to keep your feet cool and to refrain from sweating.

Different types of gladiator sandals

Gladiator sandals have also a big diversity of designs. We are sure that you will find the right pair for you to match your personality and fashion taste. We have gathered for you the types of the sandals that you will come across in retail. You would better start taking notes and find what you like most!

The types of sandals distinguish in two categories: the style of strapping they have and the type of the heel of the sole.

We will begin with the largest category of them, the style of the strapping. One popular pair is the slides. A simple design, yet very common for women and men during the summer. Especially, when one is on holidays there is nothing better to wear on the beach. Then we have the back strap sandals, which are close to the design of the slides but they have one extra strap around the ankle that make the shoes steadier for the foot. These types of sandals are ideal for a day of strolling around the shops. A similar one is the ankle strap sandal.

To continue, we also have the laced up one. These shoes match perfectly with shorts, skirts or dresses. You can tie up the laces however you want and as high on the leg as you wish. You can use them as an accessory to enhance your outfit and show your tanned legs. And of course we couldn’t refrain from writing about the gladiator sandals.

The design that dates back thousands of years ago can now be yours. It’s the classic gladiator style of sandal and never goes out of fashion. The gladiator sandal comes also with a zipper back which makes it easier to wear. Lastly, there is also the sandal with the closed toe. But these are not all. You may also find the strapped sandals with braids for a more girly look or you can also find them decorated and even with leather wings on the ankle strap just like god Hermes used to wear!

Moreover, as we have said above the sandals have different types of heels. It’s up to you to choose the best for you that make you feel comfortable. For everyday use there are flat sandals. For a night out the ladies would prefer platform sandals. And we have a surprise for you. You may think that wearing sandals all day could be tiring especially if you like walking around a tourist resort. Well, we have the solution for you. You can buy your favorite sandals with soft sole as well as sandals with anatomic sole.

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Materials that are used to make gladiator sandals

The handmade sandals are made with love and patience. The raw materials that are used to manufacture the gladiator sandals are high quality to guarantee their long term use and durability. The sandals are mainly made of leather. The leather that is used is vachetta so it would be soft to your feet and your skin. If you like the suede then we are happy to announce you that gladiator sandals are also made of nubuck. A big advantage of the velvet-like surface is that it’s waterproof. Another material that is used to make Gladiator Sandals is fur and fabric. The fabric adds a little color to your sandals and distinguishes them of other pair of shoes. The bottom sole is made of rubber. This provides better traction on wet surfaces and that limits the chance of slipping.

What do gladiator sandals look good with?

And now let’s get down to the most creative part of all. What do gladiator sandals look good with? The advantage of the gladiator sandals is that you can adjust the laces as high or low you want. Thus, you can feature your legs with the way you prefer. Gladiator sandals are the absolute trend of summer and spring. With the right outfit you will manage to make it an all day item of your wardrobe. Use your imagination and don’t hesitate to experiment with the looks. Either you like wearing casual-chic outfits or boho or you are a more girly style type of person, a pair of gladiator sandals will complete the outfit.

The most common piece of clothing of our wardrobe during summer is a pair of shorts. Add your favorite sandals and you are ready to go for brunch on a sunny Sunday morning. You don’t want to wear shorts? Then choose a zip culotte and tie your sandals low, up to your ankle. For a more girly look you could wear a skirt or a dress. The floral dresses are a must this year. Maxi dresses with a slit on the side will totally transform your gladiator sandals into the protagonists of the outfit.

Don’t forget to complete your outfit with some accessories. Hats are never out of fashion and essential in the summer. In addition put on your favorite belt and never leave your house without a purse.