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Why handmade wedding sandals are the best option for the big day.

wedding sandals

Wedding shoes are impressive and elegant but when it comes to a beach wedding or a destination wedding, a peep-toe or sky-high pumps are not quite an option, right? In these cases wedding sandals, slides and platforms are the perfect choice. On the other hand, you don’t have to have a beach or destination wedding in order to choose a flat shoe. Nowadays, weddings tend to be a day full of joy rather than an event of outdated stereotypes. So for a day like this, your personal preferences and comfort should be the only rules to follow.

If you are into comfort and flats on wedding days and you’re planning to get married during autumn or winter, you probably will go for a ballet variety or even sneakers, to make a strong statement. But what would beseem spring or summer, outdoor venues, sandy beaches and alfresco dining? Wedding sandals are the epitomy of chic yet comfortable you’re looking for for these cases. Choosing a wedding sandal for your wedding has more benefits than just comfort. To name a few:

Benefits of flat handmade wedding sandals:

  • Wedding sandals are as fabulous and stylish as their heeled counterpants.
  • You’ll definitely rock that boho wedding style in handmade bridal sandals rather than in 12 cm high heels.
  • You’ll definitely rock that romantic wedding style as well because real flower bridal crown and handmade lace sandals have always been a dreamy combination!
  • Heels on a boat is a big no so pair of flat white wedding sandals with a soft rubber sole is what you need for a glamorous boat wedding.
  • You love the idea of flat wedding shoes but you still need some sparkle and shine for that special day? Embellished wedding sandals are totally gorgeous and shine bright like diamonds too!
  • You need a pair of shoes as elegant as a pearl necklace set? Check those pearl embellished sandals.
  • You’re getting married on the beach and need a pair of shoes you can easily slip on and off? Guess what we have in mind for this case!
  • Walking in high heels has never been your strongest point, especially now that you’ll be wearing a long gown. Go for the safest options, no need to experiment on your wedding day.
  • You want to dance the night away, ufold your dancing talent on the big day or show off the results of wedding dance lessons you’ve been taking with your beloved one.
  • Need to balance your height with your fiancé.
  • You wish to be as carefree as possible for the relaxed summer wedding you’re trowing with a few friends and close relatives.
  • Our wedding sandals are the infallible choice if you’re planing to wear matching shoes with your bridesmaids. Plus these would serve as a perfect gift to your bridesmaids as well, which they can use again and again after the wedding for wide variety of occassions.
  • Wedding sandals are an optimal choice if you are swiching to a post-ceremony coctail dress for the reception.

The biggest advantage of wearing handmade sandals on your wedding day

But what we consider as the biggest advantage of handmade wedding sandals is the fact that you can re-wear them the next day to an event and even to work. While it’s true that flat bridal sandals tend to look more casual when compared to a closed-toe pump, there are plenty of embellished models and eye-catching metallic leather designs that would be as appropriate for fancier dress codes.

Having all the above reasons in mind, we made a list of 10+2 pairs of handmade wedding sandals that look amazing, feel comfortable and are incredibly versatile. From simple, barely-there bridal sandals to fashionable and statement options, you’ll definitely find a pair that meets your needs.

10+2 handmade wedding sandals you can re-wear after the big day

Embellished sandals

handmade wedding sandals
Melinos embellished sandals
Wedding Leather Sandals with Low heel Nude
Loop Wedding Sandals
handmade wedding sandals
Comi Jeweled sandals
Toe Ring Embellished Women Leather Slide Nude
Embellished Slide With Toe & Three Straps
handmade wedding sandals
Loop Strass sandals

Minimal sandals

handmade wedding sandals
Greek Hermes slides
Elefhteria Sandal Braided Gold
Loop sandals
Loop Elehteria in Gold
handmade sandals
Kastraki sandals (metallic pink)

Statement sandals

handmade sandals
Vai statement sandals

Our 100% handcrafted models fit like a glove if your wedding has any relation to Greece. So if you’re throwing a Greek themed wedding, you want to recreate that Greek Goddess look and maybe wear an ancient greek style bridal dress, any of our Pagonis Greek Sandals will serve this purpose perfectly.

In case you’re going a step further and are heading to Greece for your ultimate greek island destination wedding, we could say that our bridal sandals are more necessary. No other shoe will keep it glam while at the same time it’s comfortable enough to walk up to that cliff chapel and then switch to an all-night-long beach party.