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Cavos Soft Men

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Comfort H Sandals Hermes
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Our comfort collection is design with a Texon 5mm Cellulose Board laminated with Pig Skin Leather as the upper sole and a rubber bottom sole. Texon Board is natural and sustainable and it absorb high levels of moisture. The main reason for the widespread use of Cellulose is comfort. This sole combination makes them the most comfortable leather sandals and makes these comfort sandals for walking great as it takes no time for you to “break-in” to the shoe.

Everyone who has tried our comfort leather sandals have absolutely loved how soft and comfortable it is to be walking in them all day. It gives the user a feeling of “walking on carpeted floors”. Our Pagonis Greek Sandals retail staff swears by these comfort sandals for walking. It keeps their feet supported and well cushioned from a day of standing and walking around in the shop.

Our comfort sandals are handmade in Naxos, Greece. Our skilled craftsmen from the Pagonis family are masters of their trade. They bring great passion and gives great attention to detail in their craft work. Contact us to custom make a pair of our the most comfortable leather sandals in a different colour or size. Pagonis Greek Sandals have been handcrafting leather sandals and keeping traditional techniques in sandal making alive since 1940.