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Handmade leather sandals for men, the epitome of summer shoes

Handmade leather sandals for men, the epitome of summer shoes

Handmade leather sandals for men can clearly be considered as the definition of shoe. Worn from ancient times until now uninterruptedly, these shoes are the most ethical, ecological and beneficial option for human health during warm days. Better known from ancient Greeks and their Twelve Gods of Olympus like Hermes and his winged sandals, the Romans and their emblematic gladiator sandals and even from the humble and modest Jesus’ sandals. Nowadays leather sandals for men are a hot summer trend, counting numerous different styles to meet every need and personal taste.

Men’s shoe field is more simpler than women’s. Is it because men aren’t picky with their outfits? Not at all! Men are as worried about their appearance and their styling as women are, no one can doubt on this nowadays. But it’s a fact that men prefer comfort over impressive looks. Thus we have a huge variety of exclusively flat men shoes: casual sneakers, different types of boots, a dozen of look alike closed leather shoes like derbies, brogues and oxfords, loafers, boat shoes and espadrilles for summer and many more.

Another fact which raises no doubts is that women are more into a pedicure than men. But that doesn’t mean that men’s feet don’t need a break from closed winter shoes as well! That’s why rubber flip-flops are some kind of summer’s trademark. Thousands of men spend long summer weeks wearing nothing but comfy t-shirts, shorts and flip-flops day to night. But this attire is accepted in specific comfort zones like your home and your vacation beach hotel. No matter what clothes you wear, a rubber flip-flop is a huge no for any other place apart from the beach simply because they are too informal.

But you can still maintain that sense of freedom yet stay stylish enough to stroll through the city center and go to shops, restaurants and bars. The funny thing about the shoes providing this sought after features’ combination is that it’s literally ancient: the familiar to all humanity leather sandals for men.

Facts about leather sandals for men

Leather sandals for men come in many different forms ranging from super minimal to extravagant. While the second are more suitable for fancy beach bars and coctail parties, the minimal models along with the all time classics are a day to night shoe. They are versatile enough to be worn through your vacation without being taken off. And even when you return to your base, they are still a good choise of shoes to wear every day if weather permits. So pity you can’t wear them to work!

A pair of high quality leather sandals for men is a good investment. They are durable, stylish and, most importantly, they are very comfortable. More sturdy and supportive than their rubber counterpants, these shoes are the epitome of men’s summer shoes. They come in many styles and forms, so no need to worry – there is a pair to meet everyone’s taste.

If you already are a fan of leather sandals for men or you feel like trying something new for this summer, take a look to our collection! Find below a few choices from Pagonis Greek Sandals’ creations and continue to our website to check the whole collection.

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About Pagonis Greek Sandals

Pagonis Greek Leather Sandals for men are handmade in Naxos, Greece by the skilled craftsmen of the Pagonis Family. We handcraft Ancient Greek Sandals, in our family owned workshop on the island of Naxos, using the same traditional techniques that exist in Greece for centuries. Using only the finest materials and high-quality leather, we guarantee that each pair of Pagonis Greek Sandals will meet the highest standards and will last for the years to come.

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