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Laced up sandals: the all time classic summer favorite

Laced up sandals: the all time classic summer favorite

I am so excited that finally we are going to talk about the laced up sandals: the symbol of feminism and the expression of women’s beauty. It’s the item that never goes out of style. It is considered as an essential piece of clothing for a woman’s closet. Stylists and designers from all over the world worship this kind of sandals as the best was to accessory the legs of a lady who feels confident in any outfit.

Why are they so popular? You can tight up the lace at any height you want. They fit to all sorts of body-types enhancing the legs.

Things about laced up sandals you didn’t know

Everything started in the 60’s. When the fashion designers began to be bolder with the clothes they make. Mini-skirts started to take over the market and the women’s closets. It was the perfect timing for the laced up sandals to swoop into the hearts of the ladies. The bomb combination was a mini skirt with a pair of laced up sandals. The outfit was ideal for any social event: for a casual walk at the park to a night out dancing.

Who wouldn’t love a shoe that isn’t just a shoe but also an accessory for the legs? These sandals have the advantage to transform the simplest outfit to an outfit that would turn the heads of everyone you are passing by.

Laced up sandals: the all time classic summer favorite

Let’s step back a little. Honestly, a little bit isn’t enough. We should travel way back to the antiquity. That’s when originally all started for the laced up sandals. The first ones emerged in ancient Egypt and they were made from palm leaves, papyrus fiber and raw leather. They were used only by the Pharaoh and the clerics and later the different colors of the shoes were used to distinguish the different social classes of the people of Egypt.

The footwear production though, began to thrive during the Greek and Roman periods. Today we are familiar about the development and the evolution of the shoe thanks to the remains of paintings, frescos and drawings on the amphorae. The most common shoe among the Greeks and the Romans were the sandals. They were long, going halfway up the knees and had many laces. Does this design sound familiar? You are wearing shoes that they have been in fashion thousands of years.

The Greeks were the one who made shoes fashionable. They believed that a secured laced pair of sandals would help them separate them as mortals from the Underworld. Although, the design of the laced sandals was as simple as it could be, Greeks love to decorate them colorful dyes and rows of lucky charms. They had found the way to make each pair unique and personal.

The same phenomenon was found in ancient Rome as well. The shoes symbolized the power and the position of someone in a social class. Roman soldiers used to wear sandals. The more laces a soldier’s sandal had and the thinner the sole was, the higher the rank the soldier belonged.

Since then the laced up sandals have been taking over fashion every other decade. No one can deny the fact that it’s an all time classic pair. From Paco Rabanne in 1968 to Gianni Versace’s early 90’s collection and Calvin Klein’s collection of the new millennium one thing is solid: the fashion world use the laced up sandal to make a statement.

How to style your laced up pair of sandals

As we said numerous times before, laced up sandals is the go-to pair of shoes for every woman who wishes to feel powerful and confident. Due to the fact that their height is adjustable, they match with almost everything you might have in your closet. Laced up sandals is an all day shoe. Having just one pair of them is never enough.

Laced up sandals: the all time classic summer favorite

Their versatility is the reason behind their popularity. You can wear them with skirts or dresses at any height. Either you like mini, midi or maxi ones the laced up sandals will complete perfectly the outfit. Just adjust the height of the laces to the needs of each outfit to get the iconic look. For the ultimate island summer look choose a pair of laced up sandals with linen shorts or an embroidered caftan dress.

That kind of sandals even looks good with long trousers. You only have to tie the laces around the ankle and voile! You just gave to your denim look a summerish vibe.

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